In this relaxing minute up in the air, we invite you to fly with us over moores during sunset in Drenthe a beautiful province of the Netherlands. This province is located in the North-East of the Netherlands, at the borders of the province of Groningen in the North, Germany in the East, Overijssel in the south and Friesland in the West.

Take a Minute to Fly over the Moores of Drenthe


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Hunnebedden in Drenthe

Although Drenthe is currently one of the most sparsely populated regions in the Netherlands, this wasn’t always the case. Recovered artefacts from the Wolstonian Stage, which date back nearly 150,000 years, suggest that Drenthe has been populated since prehistoric times. Archaeologists believe that the region was once one of the most densely populated areas in the Netherlands up until the Bronze Age. The many megalithic funerary monuments, locally known as „Hunnebedden“ (Hun‘s Graves) attest to the prehistoric settlement of the region. Of the 54 dolmens found in the Netherlands, 53 of them can be found in Drenthe.

Agriculture and tax

Agriculture is the main economic activity in the region, although industrial areas can be found near the cities. Apart from scenic farmlands dotted with cute, fairy-tail-like villages, Drenthe hosts many forests, streams, heathlands, lakes and swamps. The province is drained by a network of many shallow streams and short canals. For a long time, due to its inhospitable nature, Drenthe was the poorest region of the Netherlands. To such an extent, that the people living there, were exempt from paying Federal Tax. One knows things are bad when the State has given up trying to collect money from the people. As a consequence of this „Tax Relief“, the people were denied representation in the States-General/Congress.

Provincial status and role

Although it took part in the Dutch revolt against Spain, Drenthe‘s Provincial Status was withheld until the 1st of January 1796. In the 19th century, the Dutch government decided to use Drenthe as a place to rid themselves of ‘unwanted elements’ in their society. Criminals, beggars, paupers and vagabonds, but also orphans that could not be placed, were transported to Drenthe to live in colonies. There they were put to work cutting peat from the bogs, which was a fuel source that dates back to medieval times, draining and filling the swamps, as well as reclaiming the heathlands for agricultural use.

Drenthe today

Luckily, not all of the wildlands were reclaimed for agricultural use during this period, and these days Drenthe is a refuge for nature and wildlife, as well as the many tourists that visit every year. This Dutch province, with its prehistoric megalithic monuments, picturesque villages, beautiful forests and heathlands, tranquil lakes, streams, and even the moores should, in our opinion, be on top of the list of anyone visiting the Netherlands!

Take more minutes up in the air

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Screenshot of the moores of Drenthe, the Netherlands. Take a Minute to Fly: Showing a swamp with ducks passing by into a sunset with trees silhoueting.
Take a Minute to Fly over the Moores of Drenthe, the Netherlands

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