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Full of love and devocean: (Visual) storytelling with videos, photos, blogs

Welcome to our world! With (visual) storytelling we - Yoeri & Nicki - want to share our love and devotion for the ocean, diving and the weird wonderful world we are living in: Videos and photos presenting (marine) facts with personal views, ideas, projects, partners, products and more in two blogs (ENG and GER) and beyond to open hearts, touch minds, connect and inspire transformation.

More about our vision and our work right here as that's Devocean.


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Recent blog posts

  • 7. Dezember 2022

    Take a Minute in Statia 003: Smokey in Wonderland

    The third clip of our series „Take a Minute in Statia“ brings you up close and personal with our marvellous foster dog: Meet Smokey in Wonderland. Resting during our late afternoon walk at the Quill, she takes in the scents of her surroundings and

  • 17. November 2022

    Dive into nature and explore Statia, Caribbean Netherlands

    Dive into nature and explore St. Eustatius (Statia) on land and underwater. The Junior Ranger Exchange Event on Statia, Caribbean Netherlands, offers an experience of environmental education like no other. Between July 30th and August 5th 2022 Junior Rangers

  • Screenshot of Take a Minute in Statia 002: View of Boven towards Venus Bay (Boven Nationalpark on St. Eustatius) filmed and edited by Yoeri Bulk for Devocean Pictures. Reddish rocks at the top of Boven Hill in the forground, looking through the green bush and rocky shore of Venus Bay with Gilboa Hill and the ocean in the background. The shots zooms towards the bay located on St. Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands.
    9. November 2022

    Take a Minute in Statia 002: Venus Bay from Boven

    Our second „Take a Minute in Statia“ features Venus Bay in Boven Nationalpark. Located at the Northern end of St. Eustatius, hiking in Boven area offers stunning views over rugged land with steep cliffs, grooved rocks, mysterious woods,

  • Screenshot of Take a Minute to Relax XLVII: Hard coral polyps (Hexacorallia). Super macro shot of hard coral polyps filmed in Wakatobi, Sulawesi, Indonesia.
    4. November 2022

    Take a Minute: Hard corals (Hexacorallia)

    In this minute of visual meditation, we invite you to absorb the details of hard coral polyps (Hexacorallia). Identifying coral species is rather difficult as corals constantly grow and can take on quite different shapes as they adapt to environmental

  • 27. Oktober 2022

    Animal shelter in Statia: Adopt a dog

    Adopt don’t shop: Adopt a dog from the animal shelter in Statia (St. Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands). Transportation costs are covered for any off-island adoption. This includes travel to Europe or North America! There are regular posts on the

Showing Nicola Jaeger kneeling in a blue dress laughing with her camera in her hands.


Writer, photographer, geographer, diver, chief editor, networker, activist, researcher, translator, blogger
Showing Nicola Jaeger kneeling in a blue dress laughing with her camera in her hands.


Videographer, diver, instructor, traveller, storyteller, editor, captain, nature & animal lover

Our mission & philosophy

  • dive and document: Open your eyes.
  • evolve and educate: Change is possible.
  • guide and guard: Experience and respect nature.
  • live and love: Become your true self.
  • search and share: Knowledge is power.
  • connect and protect: Transform the world.

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Discover videos and photos made with love and devotion as part of our (visual) storytelling for blogs and beyond. All content is created to share our passion for the ocean and the whole wide wonderful world to inspire us and others to connect and protect. Read more on our vision and mission on That's devocean.