Video series: Take a Minute

In this video series, we invite you to “Take a Minute” to relax and refresh your mind and soul with visual meditation. Take a 1-minute break from whatever you are doing to immerse yourself in the beauty of our blue planet. For this minute, Yoeri selects one long shot to allow you to fully focus on one creature or seascape. Dive into the scene, feel the energy, open your heart, connect to the subject, look for details or simply get carried away!

Be here now. Take this one minute to be fully present, instead of analysing the past or planning the future. It is quite interesting to see how long and relaxing one minute can be as soon as we stay in that moment - fully aware, fully present, fully relaxed. Observing one long scene, in contrary to the bombardment of pictures, news and fast cuts we are getting on a daily basis, helps to calm us down, to ground and centre us. Sometimes all it takes is 1 minute to recharge.

Diving is our form of active meditation. Underwater we find happiness in the present moment. There are so many healing and soothing factors to the ocean. There is so much we love about diving and nature.

We will get to that. For now, enjoy!

Video gallery of the entire clip collection

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