Connect & protect

Screenshot of the video take a minnute to relax "coral reef protection" showing a sunlit reef top with diverse andd colourful corals teeming with fish. Filmed at Fan 38 at Wakatobi Dive Resort, Indonesia.

Dive into coral reef protection

In this session of tranquillity, we would like you to focus on the living art that is the coral reef and its protection. This particular reef, named Fan 38, is located at Wakatobi Dive Resort and is one of our favourite reefs on this beautiful Blue Planet. Reef-building corals consist […]

Yard of Blue Planet Andamans in India shwoing their white walls build in with glass and plastic bottle. To the left is the kitchen, in the back the entrance and to the right restaurant area with kitchen staff working. Left bottom is a small cat sitting, one donkey looks for food around the gate and another watches the Indian lady.

Rubbish wave: Looking for solutions for small islands

We experienced a flood of waste being washed into the ocean in Bali earlier this year. At the same time, we received a call for help from Long Island (Andaman Islands, India) and started looking for solutions for small islands crushed by a rubbish wave. We’d like to present some […]

Screenshot from one of the movies forming the series Sulawesi Splendour underwater videos fimed in Lembeh and Wakatobi

Dive into the underwater wonderland of Sulawesi at home: Sulawesi Splendour

For all ocean addicts, explorers, nature lovers, and everybody else who has to stay at home due to the coronavirus and is perhaps longing for a refreshing dip in the ocean: Watch Sulawesi Splendour I-IV. All these creatures are out there waiting for us. Hopefully, when all this is over, instead […]

The group of volunteers of Trash Hero Amed spreads out along the beach to clean up plastic Nicki with rice bag in hand on the right side. IN the back houses, trees, the sea and a clouded sky.

Keep your plastic and clean up the rest

Plastic is on our minds. Every high tide leaves behind a line of plastic on the beach of Amed. Every heavy rain shower washes half-burned or openly collected rubbish from the settlements and streets into fields and streams, distributed by the wind, animals and more rain, eventually, most of it […]