Update: We left Statia and will set up these services in different locations. Thank you for booking tours with us! It was a pleasure sharing our passion with you all.

From August 2023, we expand our services on Statia and give you the opportunity to plan and book your personalised island exploration with us. These guided island excursions are designed for anybody interested in photography and filmmaking while diving into the nature and history of St. Eustatius (Go Statia! Why visit the Dutch Caribbean island).

We, Yoeri Bulk and Nicola Jaeger, run an award-winning company, Devocean Pictures. We develop creative content from photographing, filming, and editing to writing, translating, and more for clients from around the world (overview of some of our own as well as joint video work on YouTube). Our business is registered in St. Eustatius (Caribbean Netherlands).

Statia photographed from the sea. Blue ocean, brown cliffs, green slopes of the dormant volcano The Quill with withe clouds radiating as if the were erupting from the volcano. Plan and book your Statia exploration with Devocean Pictures.
Winning picture „Capture Statia’s beauty 2022“ chosen by renowned judges. Photographer: Nicola Jaeger (Devocean Pictures)

Why plan and book your very own personalised Statia exploration?

It is all about you!

Usually, island tours follow a set route with fixed stops. At best, you can take some more time at one spot when throwing out another item of the itinerary. With us, it is different as you are at the centre of the experience from beginning to end.

Together we create your customised tour – walking, hiking, trail-running, or snorkelling – to get you in touch with your inner artist. Based on your interests, preferences, background, and schedule, we design the best tour for you. Connect to the island’s essence and make lasting memories while deepening your understanding of photography and filmmaking.

Statia has so much to offer

You decide what to focus on. Is there any particular landscape or natural habitat you’d like to see? Are gorgeous island views your main interest? Are there certain animals, flowers, or plants you’d like to discover? Shall we venture to a secluded bay or explore the coastline and beaches? Which natural or historic landmark would you like to put in the right light? Which is the perfect combination of these possibilities?

Winning picture of People’s Choice Award 2022. Photographer: Nicola Jaeger (Devocean Pictures)

Our signature ingredient: Visual storytelling

We know where to go on Statia and what is the best time of day to get the most out of your personalised island exploration. Get inspired with our blog entries featuring film work as well as photography. In particular, we’d like to point out Discover Statia: Hiking to, up, in, and around the Quill with clips including descriptions introducing the various hiking paths in the Quill Nationalpark.

No matter where we go, we always provide tips regarding camera settings, depth of field, positioning, lighting, framing, composition, artistic use of light, blur, colour, and much more.

Plan and book your Statia exploration with Devocean Pictures

As we prepare the routes according to your wishes, adapt to the conditions, go with your flow, and take all the time that is needed or wanted to get to a place or subject, we charge

40 USD per hour for 1 to 4 people

This rate does not include transportation. Contact us to create your very own island experience: info@devocean-pictures.com, +599 319 4896 or +49 163 007 17 (WhatsApp)

Download the overview of our offer and services here.

Additional photo and filming services

Scenic photo shooting in one of the landmark natural, cultural, or historic sites (one location):

80 USD per hour

Aerial photo shooting in one of the landmark natural, cultural, or historic sites (one location):

125 per hour

In-water photo shooting with guided snorkelling experience from shore, excl. snorkel equipment:

160 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

Post-production (full rights to edited high-resolution files):

100 USD for 5 photographs, 150 USD for 10 photographs, 250 USD for 20 photographs

Personalised island video:

Price on request (costs depend on lengths, number of shots, people, locations, etc.)

  • Free diving and snorkelling around Statia: Plan and book your personalised island exploration or a photo or film shoot with Devocean Pictures
  • Screenshot "Discover Statia: Follow the Crater Trail into the Quill, a dormant volcano on St. Eustatius" filmed and edited by Yoeri Bulk, Devocean Pictures: A woman on a swing iin a massive tree (strangler fig) with suglasses smiling anda man pushig the swing. More plants around the scene.
  • Two free divers posing for the camera in the shallow water, Caribbean side, St. Eustatius. Sandy ground, sunburst and yoga poses
  • Yoeri Bulk and Nicola Jaeger in bathing dresses with sunglasses smiling on a boat with orange roof
  • Two free divers posing for the camera in the shallow water, Caribbean side, St. Eustatius. Sandy ground, sunburst and yoga poses

Our background in (visual) storytelling and our artistic approach

Our work has been used in numerous promotional films, documentaries for conservation programs, productions for NGOs, and educational as well as travel programmes for German, Dutch, Swiss, Egyptian, and Philippine broadcasting companies as well as online and offline magazines and other publications (e.g. ongoing: COLUMN – Bericht uit Statia). Browse through the clips related to Statia here.

Our pictures have been used on covers of various printed materials and are featured on websites (e.g. here), social media, and exhibitions (scroll towards the end of the article). As postcards and art prints, our photographs find their way back into the world (Warm regards). We love composition and abstracts – and, of course, storytelling. These elements form the base for our photography which is rooted in the desire to create awareness of the beauty and weirdness of our (underwater) world. We form nature, yet we are part of it.

On Statia, we find peace and use our deep connection to nature as an inspiration to create our pieces of art: From short clips to stories and pictures. Besides, we use artistic, natural, and up-cycled materials to craft unique souvenirs and decorations.

Our background as guides and instructors

Having worked as dive experience managers and (photo/film) instructors in hospitality businesses around the world for more than 10 (Nicola) and 25 years (Yoeri), we truly enjoy sharing our knowledge and passion (About us and Diving deluxe). Plan and book your personalised Statia exploration with us. No matter if underwater or on land, we take you there!

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