My underwater photography: Pictures and stories with a personal view, a particular focus and political perspective.

I am not a Pro. I am just an enthusiast.

This part of the website is meant for pictures taken underwater (see photography for more info). If you wonder why it is still so empty in this section just follow me (Nicki) on my quest to become an underwater photographer (story below).

My underwater photography: Pictures and stories

I love composition and design - and, of course, storytelling and will use them in underwater photography to open hearts and create interest in exploring new horizons – physically or virtually. My photos support my writing and vice versa; both are rooted in the desire to create awareness for the beauty and weirdness of our (underwater) world, introducing species and their habitats as well as destinations, piquing interest in diving and the protection of fragile ecosystems, highlighting connections within these systems as well as to human behaviour. We form nature, yet we are part of it.

Discover the ocean

The first pages are ready: Dive into reef life. We are trying to have all our facts on marine life correct, but we are no marine scientists. If you notice any mistakes, please contact us at or via Instagram or Facebook. We are more than happy to regularly update our website, learn and grow.

Ambush predators

They got the look

An ode to reef life

7 pictures with 7 lines

King of critters

Flamboyant cuttlefish

Let's talk scientific!

Classification of marine life


Everybody's darling

UW carnival

1st photo collection from Bali

Theme galleries

The ever-growing photo collections Warm regards and Art by nature are also featuring underwater pictures.

Waves of energy is a photo series looking at the big picture and presenting them in small details. After all, everything is connected.

Waves of energy

Photo series

Warm regards

Postcards to the world

Art by nature

Shapes, colours and patterns

My long way to underwater photography

In short: Me and my cameras have not always lived in perfect harmony. I love diving and find it very relaxing. Why add another activity on top? After initial struggles and a longer break, I started with a new mind-set. Not that there were no more frustrations all of the sudden, but I appreciate every opportunity to practise, I am ready to learn from others and understand that there will be always room for improvements - same as with diving in general. Most importantly, I take pleasure in the process of taking pictures underwater and sometimes even find peace as I am less fixated on a particular result. A new passion is born. Now all I need to do is to fall in love with post-processing too and then overcome my restraint in presenting my work to others. I’m getting there, eventually. Devocean Pictures serves as my therapy session - and underwater photography is working therapeutically for others as well.

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