Victory: First underwater video clip of 2020 is out now

Happy days! Not only are we back in the tropics and found a wonderful little house right on the beach – I am hearing the waves rolling ashore while I am writing this – but we also celebrate Yoeri’s victory against the machines: First underwater video clip of 2020 out now. So, we are off to a good start and are positive that the victories will keep on coming from now on.

Watch the first underwater video series in 2020: Sulawesi Splendour

Enjoy the little film and please subscribe to our YouTube-Channel to follow the rest of the video clips in this series (see description on YouTube or Videography: Indonesia) and help us to kick off the ground. Thank you very much!

Yoeri’s rage against the machines: Indonesian battle

It is all filmed with new camera equipment in new housing with a new light set-up. Getting used to all of that was the easiest – and definitely most fun – part of it all. After all, we were in the water a lot. The problems, as so often the case, started on land. Turned out we could almost watch the videos he had taken, but definitely not edit the clips themselves, let alone start a film project. The laptop was top of the line when Yoeri bought it, only eight months earlier, but was not able to deal with the video files produced by the camera in the also new editing software.

Yoeri’s rage against the machines: European battle

So back in the Netherlands/Germany, the search for a powerful machine started. Two months later the monster arrived and it is more than capable of handling the programme, at least looking at the specs on paper. And it was, for some time. Then windows updates led to days of black or blue screens. Afterwards, the programme seemed to have taken a liking to crashes and started breaking down itself or pushing the computer over the edge. Multiple projects got lost along the way. Understandably Yoeri’s rage against the machine was growing day by day. But victories taste so much sweeter when you have to fight for them.

Love, peace and harmony 2020

Now they are working all together quite harmoniously (for most of the time). We are at the sea and ready to begin again. We have lots of ideas for new productions in 2020. While Yoeri will be filming new material, there are still video clips waiting in the pipeline based on the footage of 2019. All materials from Indonesia will be linked also in the section of videography.

Sneak preview: Time to relax

I can’t show it to you yet, but in parallel to further videos of “Sulawesi Splendour”, Yoeri is editing our new baby called “Time to relax” coming out in February 2020: A series of 1-minute clips to bring a moment of peace and joy to our hectic daily lives. Stay tuned for more of Yoeri’s underwater videos in 2020 and – with regards to video clips – the easiest and most convenient is to subscribe to our YouTube-Channel here.

View from workspace on bed with open screen showing the YouTube channel of Devocean Pictures through the glass door and garden onto the sea (Amed, Bali, Indonesia). Yoeri's underwater video "Sulawesi Splendour" 2020 is being played.
After the rage against the machines, let the sunshine in: Sunbeams on the reef top in Yoeri’s video clip „Sulawesi Splendour„.

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