We love Indonesia – above and below the water. So many islands, so many possibilities for underwater video clips. For starters enjoy our first series of underwater videos in 2020 with Indonesia: Sulawesi Splendour.

Underwater videos from Sulawesi, Indonesia

In this series of short underwater videos from Indonesia „Sulawesi Splendour„, we’ll introduce you to some of the stunning reefs and marine life of the warm tropical waters surrounding the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Being the 4th largest island in the Indonesian archipelago, Sulawesi has a rich cultural background and incredible biodiversity, both on land as well as underwater. Travel underwater from Lembeh (arguably the „Muck Diving Capital“ of the world) in the North to the beautiful coral atolls of Wakatobi in the South, also many places in between offer great diving opportunities. Sulawesi has something to offer for every adventurer, explorer, and nature lover!!! Be you a land dweller or mermaid.

Indonesia: Sulawesi Splendour

Dive into the underwater wonderland of Sulawesi, watch mesmerising reefs in wide-angle and marine macro life from nudibranchs via pygmy seahorses to cuttlefish and moray eels – just to name a few!

With the fourth short film the series „Sulawesi Splendour“ is coming to an end. In this journey through the underwater realm, we took you from the depths of the „muck“ to the majestic reef tops full of life. The incredible abundance of life, that make the clear warm waters surrounding the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi their home, is truly amazing. The living creatures named corals, that build these healthy reefs in a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours, provide both shelter and food for an enormous amount of creatures. Even more than a rainforest does. At the same time reefs offer protection to the islands above the surface from the awesome power of the ocean. So, by protecting our reefs, we are protecting ourselves!

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