Long Island, Andamans, India, is shimmering as a lush green tropical oasis in the deep blue see against lighter blue sky. Postcard with warm regards: Let's meet at the beach.With diving deluxe, we invite you to join us in our aquatic world. Our philosophy – in diving or in life – is to do everything with love and devotion. When diving, we experience nature all around us and peace within us. The ocean makes us feel at home and whole. Our diving deluxe is sensual as well as educational.

We aim to inspire and are ready to provide the form of diving deluxe services that is fitting your desires! Go for a real experience, enter the diving tribe and become part of our world.

Why we dive

We dive to feel alive, to connect and protect (more on our visual storytelling at the bottom of this page). We dive to evolve and grow – from skills and knowledge to respect and love. We dive as we have lost our hearts to the ocean, only to find new levels of depth in our souls. Diving nurtures us and even wires our minds in new ways. We can’t imagine a fulfilling life without the ocean. Welcome to our world!

Screenshot of one of the clips Yoeri filmed with mantas 2015-2016 in Komodo (Indonesia): Diver (Nicki) is looking up from the sea ground with corals to a black manta ray with a smallishh white pattern underneath the belly.Nicola
The reefs are my daily inspiration. I love dives of 70 minutes or more: Simply taking the time to immerse myself in the underwater world, to observe marine behaviour, to discover “new” creatures, to greet “old” friends, and – most importantly – to share all this beauty with others. When I started diving it felt like a whole new universe, another dimension suddenly revealed itself. So much to discover! On the one hand, I am enthusiastic about sharing my vision with others, on the other, I am curious and very grateful for all I can learn from their worlds (mehr dazu in Warum ich tauchen liebe).

Yoeri is filming a mapped puffer over a reef of Lonng Island, Andaman Islands, India. Illustrating the page of "Abtauchen in andere Welten: Indien 2013-2014"Yoeri
Diving is my meditation, nature my inspiration and projects like the video series "Take a Minute to Relax" combine the two. After travelling and diving for more than 20 years, I look for exceptional locations that offer quality in diving and for filming. While healthy and diverse reefs form the basis for our devotion, research, and conservation are important to keep the reefs and us happy. In locations, such as Wakatobi or Statia, there is the added bonus that we are usually the only dive boat on a particular spot. This exclusive access to our bio-diverse underwater world is the final ingredient to bring diving deluxe to life.

More Information about who we are and what we do as well as what we did before Devocean Pictures and diving deluxe with love and devotion can be found here.

Why dive with us

Underwater close-up of hard coral polyps often mistaken for soft coral or anemone with green inside, brown rim around it and white mantle. Heart-shape or liver-shape of the single polyp. Fimbriaphyllia ancora is also known as anchor coral, hammer coral, sausage coral, ridge coral, or bubble honeycomb coral. Prepared as postcard "I love" and logo of Devocean Pictures.Do you want to make the most out of your holiday? Instead of getting any other dive instructor or dive guide treat yourself to a dedicated diving coach and diving deluxe with love and devotion. We are avid divers and nature lovers addicted not only to the ocean but life in all its glory. Specialised in sharing our passion and knowledge to create unique and unforgettable experiences for divers (to be) from all around the world we keep your interests, ambitions, and well-being at the centre of all our activities.
Here is a small selection of customer feedback regarding our diving services offered in various locations around the world:

  • One word: Spectacular

    "[...] Thanks to Nicky for your great relaxed guidance, information, passion and knowledge and for also making sure that every diver follows the non touch policy. [...]"

  • Amazing service and diving

    "[...] We were lucky to have Nicky as our guide once again and also had Maritz for a couple of days. Both absolutely brilliant at finding all the critters and making the dive experience exceptional. [...]"

  • Dive,Eat,Dive,Eat....Sleep..Dive..... the ultimate dive vacation

    "[...] There was a very short boat ride from Tomia Island to Wakatobi resort and on the way to the resort i got to meet my PDEM (private guide) Nikki. She basically took care of my dive itinerary and from my arrival to departure she took care of all the logistics. [...]"

  • Great diving, not much for non-divers

    "[...] The diving and the dive staff are amazing. Sylvia and Yoeri made every dive an enjoyable and memorable experience. [...]"

  • There is no better reef diving than this

    "[...] The dive operation is slick and extremely professional. They can afford to hire only the best guides and they're very well trained. Our 'Dive Experience Manager', Nicky, is the best dive guide I've had in 22 years of diving. [...]"

  • SCUBA resort

    "[...] Our personal dive master, Yoeri, was from the Netherlands and attended to our every desire. He even toted our cameras and served wonderful snacks following every dive during which he located and identified numerous reef creatures. Night dives included a bio luminescence or "flouro" dive. [...]"

  • Unglaublich fantastisch

    "[...] Unglaublich, der Service, die Villa (Nummer 1) das Essen und unsere Taucherfahrungsmanagerin Nicki. Die Korallen sind hier wirklich einzigartig in der Vielfalt und den Farben, wer Grossfische sucht ist hier sicher falsch, aber alles andere atemberaubend. Der dive Service ist Spitzenklasse und mit exklusiver Betreuung Vorort echter Luxus, da muss man gewesen sein. [...]"

  • Keep Going Back

    "[...] Nicki & Yoeri, the present staff's easy going nature, sense of humour and making sure all are comfortable - is priceless! Michele & Glenn, Nicki & Yoeri you made us feel like "Friends visiting Friends"."

  • World Class diving!

    Thanks to the instructors Yoeri and Nikki I can say that I learned from every dive. This dive center to me is the way I want to be diving; personal attention, not crowed and with lots of fun. The atmosphere at the dive shop is great and I like to stop by for a cup of coffee, even when im not diving. I cannot say that I have that much experience in diving, but I can only say that this is world class diving to me and is the only way I would like it.

  • Amazing place to learn how to dive!

    "[...] I have no comparison material with other dive schools but what I really liked about Golden Rock are the personal attention you get during the courses, the flexibility in planning the dives, the humor of the instructors Nicky and Yoeri and of course the amazing dive sites!
    Especially the personal attention and the relaxed pace at which the courses were given was very important for me. I found it all a bit scary at the beginning, but Yoeri took all the time and attention to get you comfortable in the water and well known with all the theory and skills. This gave me the confidence that I knew what I was doing and made me more relaxed during the dives.
    On advise of the instructors I also did a 5th extra dive that was focused on buoyancy (and of course also because I got a bit addicted to diving and wanted to do another dive). I found this a real addition to the rest of the course, since buoyancy is one of the hardest parts to get under control. It would be great if this was part of the course as well.
    So if you want to learn how to dive and are looking for personal attention and care than this is a great place to do it! Thank you very much Nicky and Yoeri for the amazing time 🙂

  • Amazing experience!

    "I got here my open water diving licence and probably I couldn't choose a better place!! First of all the staff is very friendly and well prepared (Nichy and Joeri), I had fun also learning the most boring stuff.
    [...] The instructors are also very careful to understand all your needs and to make you feel safe in every situations, after we also had some nice time drinking beers together.
    For me it has been the first time visiting the under water world, but I will never forget it. The diving sites are simply astonishing for their richness and beauty. If I'll have the opportunity I would come back for sure!!

  • Open water Course. Great staff and amazing dive sites

    "[...] The open water course was thorough and clear from both theoretical and practice point of view. The skills were practiced throughout the course until mastered. The lessons were 1 on 1! Which I think is amazing since you get the full attention from your instructor. [...] Yoeri and Nicki were great instructors with a lot of knowledge, making sure you master everything you get taught (and a great sense of humour). Lessons were with only 1 or 2 students, giving you full attention. Amazing dive sites in between coral reefs, with an abundance of wildlife. [...]"

  • Everything Devocean does, comes from devotion to, and respect for, life in all its forms. Aided, of course, by bucket-loads of skill and talent.

There is so much more to discover and explore. Let us be your guide. Together we dive deeper into your personal connection to our blue planet as well as diving. We offer soul food for your holiday and beyond. You are worth it.

What we focus on

By introducing sustainable and conscious diving practices with personalised programme and attention to detail, we help others developing and refining their own feeling of diving and love for the ocean realm.

To protect our underwater treasures from destructive diving practises we focus on improving buoyancy control of all our students and dive buddies. Respect the environment, control your movements and positions and at the same time, you’ll save energy and conserve air. The better your buoyancy control the more you can enjoy the natural wonders of the sea. Learning doesn't only come in form of courses. Providing tips for buoyancy control and other aspects of diving as well as videography and photography is part of all of our dive briefings - same as marine species, their habitats and behavioural aspects.

Our breath is the fastest connecting of body and mind. Breathing compressed air at depth through a regulator makes one more aware of the own breathing pattern. We help you explore the different areas of the lungs and how to use them in different situations as well as various breathing patterns and their impact (Why breathing is our superpower). With the potential for creating comfort and peace of mind, we open up doors for deeper interaction with marine creatures – all on their terms.

Let diving calm, ground and centre you. Instead of analysing the past or planning the future simply be here now. It is quite interesting to see how long one dive feels when we are in the flow – fully aware, fully present, fully relaxed.

Treat yourself to diving deluxe with Yoeri and Nicola

Over the years we have travelled to many (diving) destinations and lived in various countries on all continents (but Antarctica). Our curiosity is never-ending and our network is ever-expanding. Rest assured we only take you to destinations we know and trust.

As we like it small and exclusive, we aren't putting together group trips, but rather offer private and personalised diving deluxe as well as (PADI) diving courses and filming programmes. If you are interested in private travel and a tailor-made diving experience, contact us. Together we will put together a personalised programme that matches your way of diving.

View from dive boat to the Southern end of Sint Eustatius with the dorment volcano The Quill. Stripes of clouds seem to come out of the volcano or fall onto the lush green island ending in a step cliff. Postcard with warm regards: Statia rocks.Go Statia

Since September 2021, we are located on St. Eustatius (Go Statia! Why visit the Dutch Caribbean island) to explore nature and culture. We work with local NGOs such as St Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation or STENAPA as well as regional ones like DCNA (Junior Ranger Exchange 2022) and filming projects like WOW!.

Get ready for your very own diving treatment! See you at the sea.

Testimonials from our time at Wakatobi Dive Resort, Indonesia

  • I had the best dive I have ever had. He really made the dive experience unparalleled!

    “I had the best dive guide [Yoeri] I have ever had. He has great passion for the underwater world, is very knowledgeable and is extremely accommodating. He really made the dive experience unparalleled! Top notch.”

  • Thank you for a great vacation. Wonderful location – the resort is beautiful and well maintained with an excellent housekeeping staff!

    “Thank you for a great vacation. Wonderful location – the resort is beautiful and well maintained with an excellent housekeeping staff! The organization and scheduling were great – never confused or disorganized. Same with the dive operation, which was always well organized and efficient. Thanks to our dive guide [Yoeri] and the crew of Waka VI! Great job! My dive guide was always very helpful, cheerful and friendly. He always checked my equipment with care and made me feel very safe and cared for! Great guy!”

  • We had an excellent experience at Wakatobi, both for divers and non-divers.

    “We had an excellent experience at Wakatobi, both for divers and non-divers. Food was delicious, served by service-minded staff. Our room was always very clean – never missing anything. Diving was also great; the boats supplied everything we needed. We had an exceptional, very knowledgeable dive guide [Yoeri]. He will make us come back – treat him well!”

  • Our dive guides really added to the full experience. Wakatobi is where divers go to get spoiled.

    “The boat crew and captain of the Wakatobi III are wonderful. They took great care of our equipment and us and made getting on and off the boat low stress. They work well together and with us. Thank you, Waka III boat crew and captain. The dive team is extremely knowledgeable. I appreciate their passion for the reef and the creatures that live there. Our dive guides [Yoeri] really added to the full experience by sharing their wisdom of diving (thanks for the tip) and fish behavior. I’m a better diver because of them. Thank you, dive team. [...]  Wakatobi is where divers go to get spoiled by friendly hardworking people.”

  • We enjoyed perfect weather, delicious food, world class diving and friendly, thoughtful staff. There’s real life, there’s vacation and then there’s Wakatobi!

    “Our stay at Wakatobi exceeded our expectations in every way. The diving, the food, the accommodations, the spa and especially the staff! Of special note: our PADI instructor [Yoeri] was outstanding! He is so knowledgeable and patient. Our dive center manager also went out of his way to get to know us and offer encouragement. We received an exceptional media presentation on our first night.”

  • Our dive guide was the best we have had in 20 + years of diving. The entire boat crew worked well together and was extremely helpful.

    “We really enjoyed our dive trip. The staff was very courteous and professional. Our dive guide [Yoeri] was the best we have had in 20 + years of diving. The entire boat crew worked well together and was extremely helpful. We really appreciated the dining room staff.”

  • Very well organized resort and diving.

    “Very well organized resort and diving. Special thanks our dive guide [Yoeri] for excellent guidance and organization, boat crew for excellent work; restaurant team for great service and kitchen team for ample and tasty choices for all meals including vegetarian options.”

  • Our dive guide was excellent and really cared about tailoring the dives to our desires

    “This is our third trip to Wakatobi and we were not disappointed. Everything was as wonderful as ever. Service is stellar and diving is amazing. Our dive guide [Nicki] was excellent and really cared about tailoring the dives to our desires. She was really good at locating marine life and telling us about it. The boat crew are super nice and hard working. We appreciate all their efforts (Waka III).”

  • Diving here is just great – so many wonderful dive spots, such healthy corals, such interesting creatures. I made 52 great dives!

    “We had a very nice stay in Wakatobi. We were here 5 or 6 years ago, so we knew how beautiful the reefs are. Diving here is just great – so many wonderful dive spots, such healthy corals, such interesting creatures. I made 52 great dives. Thank you so-o much to my dive guide [Nicki]; she made my dives so great and special! Her briefings were so interesting with all the background information. The organization of diving was great. The dive boat and team were very helpful. The restaurant staff was also very professional and motivated. [...] Thank you all for the wonderful time! We will come back!”

  • I had a wonderful stay at Wakatobi.

    “I had a wonderful stay at Wakatobi. All staff and dive guides were exceptional, making every effort to be friendly and welcoming. The reception staff member went out of her way to assist with my flight arrangements. My dive guide’s [Nicki] energy, enthusiasm and attention to every detail were wonderful. All the dive guides were super friendly and attentive in every way. [...] The genuine warmth and welcoming nature of everyone contributed to make this a special holiday. I’d love to return and hopefully join the Pelagian. Thank you again to everyone.”

  • If you want to see what a healthy, vibrant reef looks like – with all the life a diversity a reef can support, put Wakatobi on your bucket list.

    “My dive guide [Nicki] exceeded my expectations as a dive guide and even as a marine biologist. She was always helpful and cheerful. She was dedicated to helping me identify the many things photographed underwater. All the staff was friendly and helpful! The dining staff was fantastic. They always provided excellent recommendations and were eager to season dishes to perfection in order to provide the best flavor.

  • Life here above water is as beautiful as what’s 50 feet below. From the towel sculpture to the food displays, a beautiful esthetic permeates the resort.”

    “Ours was a wonderful experience in every way. Our dive guide [Nicki] was terrific – clear and knowledgeable. She taught us a lot and helped us dive comfortably and safely. She is very attentive and skilled. Our photography instructor taught a great photo course. He was helpful, cheerful and attentive. We learned a lot! It was fantastic how he opened our eyes to underwater photography and taught us how to do it. He has a wonderful manner.”

  • The service is top notch, from the dive staff, restaurant staff, to the housekeeping staff.

    “The service is top notch, from the dive staff, restaurant staff, to the housekeeping staff. We have been to other high end resorts, and Wakatobi is memorable for the clear emphasis you put on everyone going out of their way to be warm and welcoming. Our dive guide [Nicki] was superb, going above and beyond to make every dive special. She was such an effervescent energy and upbeat attitude. The perfect blend of caution and enthusiasm – and she constantly checked in with us to ask if there was anything we wanted to do differently – always wanting to ensure that our dive experiences were top notch.”

  • Everything is perfect from beginning to the end!

    “We spent ten days at Wakatobi Resort and had a great time. Diving, snorkeling – everything was perfect! So much to see! Great staff, very helpful and friendly instructors [Yoeri and Nicki]. Food is great – never, ever will you go hungry diving! Rather, the contrary – tend to eat too much. Wakatobi is a wonderful place. Everything is perfect from beginning to the end! Food, staff, diving instructors, everybody trying to give their best! We love it and definitely will come back again and again. Thanks, Wakatobi for our great holiday!” 

Digital sea and visual storytelling

We believe that education leads to conservation – on land or underwater. Therefore we want to show how extraordinary our planet is, document diversity, explain behaviour, and highlight problems as well as solutions. Rules and regulations are needed, nevertheless, our attitude and actions matter (About us). Continuously we create content not only on marine life but link it to our experiences and insights to draw a more detailed picture of what one can expect underneath the surface.


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