A week ago raining season started in Labuan Bajo. Even though the land in all the Eastern parts of Indonesia badly needed the rain, it does have its downsides. Not only are the clouds blocking our precious sun, but it creates quite some runoff that together with rubbish is being washed into the sea. But that’s a story for another day (Keep your plastic and clean up the rest). For now postcards with happy regards from Komodo.

There goes the internet

Unfortunately, it seems like the water, sediments, and garbage have flushed our internet with them. For five days there is no more connection in our accommodation anymore. “Maybe tomorrow?”, is the daily answer. Additionally to our nightly blackouts electricity stopped working this morning too. It most definitely does not make me happy.

It is annoying as it’s keeping me from doing things I planned to get done today. No idea when electricity is coming back, I’ve almost given up hope on the internet altogether. But what can I do? Be angry and frustrated all day about the situation, the staff, the circumstances in town, and the weather in general. Possible, but it doesn’t change a thing. In fact, I can’t control any of this (Alles Yoga oder was?). All I can do is adapt my plan.

Postcards: With happy regards from Komodo

Just before the rain started I set up a new page on our website: Warm regards. I just got the notice that my first real postcards from Indonesia started to arrive around the world. The idea for this section of online cards evolved from an evening with friends when we agreed that excessive sporting is not our path to happiness, as well as a postcard I sent to my dad. Even though the quote on there is actually not from Buddha, it’s a good approach to life: “There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.” I have nothing against running by the way: Take your time and enjoy it.

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Alternative solutions

Instead of sharing my happy moments via cards, I would love to have family and friends with me whilst travelling. Even the most paradisaic islands are better together. Come to think of it, a lot of these wonderful places don’t have internet or even reliable electricity. After all, at the moment I only have to walk over to the dive centre to get online. OK, the advertised “Free wifi” doesn’t exist, but the cable connection at least seems to be waterproof. Electricity just came back. Happy day!

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