The star of this week’s episode of “Take a Minute to Relax” goes by many names, of which „Yellow pygmy goby“ (Lubricogobius exiguus) is just one. Since the name so perfectly describes this creature, I could’ve probably just left that … But see for yourself:


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Yellow pygmy goby (Lubricogobius exiguus) with a large family

Anyway, Lubricogobius exiguus is a member of the family of Gobiidae. This family is tremendously large, comprising over 2000 species in more than 200 genera, spread over 6 subfamilies. And yet none of them can be considered big. This cute little creature can grow to a maximum size of about 4cm. They prefer to inhabit muddy substrates, usually with rocky outcrops of rubble and/or debris, and can often be found in pairs, living in empty shells, holes, or in between the branches of hard coral, like Acropora, that provide them with a safe place for their eggs, as well as themselves.

Making the most of it

Lubricogobius exiguus is one of those species that seems to have made the best of a bad situation, by seeing the ever-increasing amount of man-made rubbish coming into the ocean, as new real estate opportunities! These days, this species can often be found in discarded bottles, cans, and other trash with small openings. They feed on a variety of algae, plankton, and small invertebrates. This particular species of bright yellow fish doesn’t exactly blend into its preferred habitat of drabby dark colours. Thereby creating a contrast that seems irresistible to underwater photographers, and “critter enthusiasts” alike.

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Yellow pygmy goby (Lubricogobius exiguus) in a plastic bottle in Lembeh, Indonesia.

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