In this relaxing episode, we invite you to glide with us over a healthy coral reef, one big life-sustaining symbiosis. As we already mentioned in Take a Minute to Relax VII, XI, XXV, and XXXI, healthy coral reefs protect us from the enormous power of the oceans, and at the same time provide us with food in order to survive. One might therefore expect our species to be thankful and make sure these living organisms are well taken care of.

Watch the life-sustaining symbiosis of a coral reef


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After all, we are the ones that came up with sayings and quotes like: “Never bite the hand that feeds (or protects) you”. However, another saying:” Out of sight, out of mind” seems to be more commonly applied. Unfortunately, common sense is becoming an increasingly rare concept these days. In a world driven by consumption, infinite economic growth and corporate profits, there seems to be no place for it anymore.

Corals in symbiosis

But coral reefs are more than a collection of just colourful coral species. They are in themselves an example of a symbiotic life form. Just like our entire beautiful planet is/was. The health of it as a whole depends on the health of every individual species in its collective. This makes coral reefs the perfect place to study the impacts that diminishing species have on collective health, and how working/living together with different species is the only way for us to survive. After all, coral reefs have an abundance of interlocking symbiotic relationships that are easily identified.

Starting with the foundation of the reefs, the actual corals. As is these days more commonly known, corals live in a symbiotic relationship with algae, which gives these creatures their colour. The algae, through photosynthesis, provide the corals with much of their food. But that’s just one of many examples of these mutually beneficial and sometimes not-so-mutually beneficial relationships, that are taking place on the coral reefs. Everywhere one looks there are examples to be found. Different species work together, and/or depend on each other for their own survival. This collection of symbiotic relationships is what keeps these reefs alive, and creates a balance in which the coral reefs, and their inhabitants thrive.

Everything is connected

Just like the many different symbiotic relationships that sustain the health of the reef and all its inhabitants, the same principle can be applied to life on land. Life on and survival of our planet depends on a delicate balance between all species that live on it.

Every species has its role to play. Even us …

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Such a vibrant and lively scene is luckily still the standard during the dives around Wakatobi Dive Resort

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