Devocean Pictures is a company offering creative content development: (Visual) storytelling to open hearts and minds. Besides the business perspective, Devocean Pictures is our baby, our gift to the world, and our way to express our love and devotion to life on earth and in the ocean.

Our services

Filming, editing, and post-production * Blog and news articles * Photography: all online formats as well as printing products like postcards, brochures, etc. * Website administration, (social media) content creation and account managing * Promotion, education, and campaign materials from flyers to presentations and booklets * Editing and proof-reading text of any kind * Translations * Writing of project and funding proposals * Research and studies

Devocean Pictures specialised in nature (land, air, underwater), travel, history, and event photography and videography as well as written pieces taking characters (humans or animals alike) and their special features and views into the centre of the story. Take a look at Our portfolio.

All our content is created to meet the needs and wishes of our clients. To get the maximum out of any job we recommend combining multiple services, in the sense of using the same content in various formats throughout different platforms. Reusing content tailored to the specific medium, occasion, and audience broadens the overall reach of the story/message and uses precious resources efficiently and effectively.

For example: Take a short film clip, as well as pictures, at a historic site. Narrate a voice-over for the video and write it out at the same time for a blog entry. The photos can illustrate the story in the article, but they are also the anchor points to link to the blog and website on social media (uses snippets of the same text). The video can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any platform of your choice (the video format will be adapted for maximum quality).

Our work

Our film work ranges from short clips for social media or websites, via visual storytelling edited on the music of a couple of minutes, to long productions featuring certain destinations and aspects of nature (the latter ones are not available online). Yoeri filmed and edited a film of 50 minutes promoting the islands Panglao and Bohol in the Philippines in 2011. It is still sold to tourists by dive centres, tour operators, and accommodation owners in the area and brings life to any trade show they visit.

That product isn't available online, but we add continuously it to Our portfolio. The playlist below showcases selected productions from around the world (2013 to 2023) that are available on YouTube.


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Showcase Devocean Pictures: Selected productions from around the world (2013 to 2023)

Our vision

is to open hearts and create interest in exploring new horizons.

Step into the world – physically or virtually – with curiosity, respect, an open mind, and (self-)awareness. Our actions affect others, affect the world. Change is constant: Let’s make the most out of that for ourselves and push towards a more just, respectful, healthy, equal, environmentally stable, social, peaceful, and safe environment for all living beings.

Our mission and PhilosophyPostcard Devocean Pictures: Low angle on beach into bright setting sun illuminating hermit crab, Long Island, Andaman Islands. Text: Keep on going wherever your heart is taking you.

  • dive and document: Open your eyes.
  • evolve and educate: Change is possible.
  • guide and guard: Experience and respect nature.
  • live and love: Become your true self.
  • search and share: Knowledge is power.
  • connect and protect: Transform the world.

We protect what we understand and love – be it in or outside the ocean. Read more about our personal and professional backgrounds in About us or discover what we offer as "Diving deluxe - With love and devotion".

More than Devocean

We are not the only ones. Luckily, there are many more out there envisioning a different way of living, consuming, and producing. We love to promote projects, places, people, and products we believe in. We support NGOs, social movements as well as agencies or institutions we trust. To be transparent as well as supportive we started to put this additional page together and foster its growth: Connect and protect to transform our world.

We introduce ideas and campaigns in our blogs Dive, travel, connect & protect, and Abgetaucht as well as on social media to inspire action on all levels by spreading knowledge, piquing interest, creating awareness and thinking in solutions as our world resources are endless and we rather careless with what is taken, produced and discarded. To not get lost in negativity, we highlight the beauty in nature and human action that always exist and are worth fighting for.

Take a look, read, watch, and contact us to get more information or share your vision, ideas, or projects with us.

Devocean in motion

We take you to destinations we know and trust. Over the years we have travelled a lot and lived in various countries. Our curiosity is never-ending and our network is ever-expanding. If you are interested in private travel and tailor-made diving services, contact us and we will come up with a personalised programme that fits your preferences (Diving deluxe - With love and devotion).

Information about who we are and what we do as well as what we did before Devocean Pictures is all here.

Birmese Temple washed onshore at Merk Bay/Andaman Islands on Christmas Day 2013