Yoeri has also been working as an underwater filmmaker since 2003. Watch his latest work per section. Finally, we have new camera equipment so there will be new videos in 2019. You can either click on the link below or use the menu above for navigation.

If you are interested in any (underwater) footage or any other collaboration contact us at info@devocean-pictures.com or yoeri@devocean-pictures.com, please. This is just a selection: Yoeri collected a lot more material over the years.


The Philippines are a tropical paradise, consisting of more than 7000 islands. More importantly, as part of the Coral Triangle, the Philippines offer some great diving. Yoeri’s latest trilogy of UW clips will introduce you to the incredible diversity of marine life that call the Visayan reefs and surroundings their home. Be prepared for lots of weird and wacky critters as well as to some of the usual suspects and seasonal visitors. Enjoy the kaleidoscope of shapes and colours that make the oceans such an interesting and fantastic place to be!


Long Island, The Andamans/India

A gorgeous island, far off the beaten track, in the middle of the remote Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean. A place that time seems to have forgotten. The islands offer extensive rainforests with unique flora and fauna, great scuba diving, spectacular remote beaches, friendly people, and even several indigenous tribes, some of which still refuse contact with the outside world. Blue Planet is the only resort/dive operator on Long Island, and although it feels like you’ve traveled to the end of the world, their friendly and kind staff will make you feel right at home! Back to basics. Even though we would have loved to explore and film so much more underwater the three clips give you an idea of this hidden paradise.


St. Eustatius/Caribbean Netherlands

These promotional clips for STENAPA (St Eustatius National Parks Foundation) show the natural and cultural beauties of this little gem in the Caribbean sea: Discover Statia on land, explore its underwater treasures and watch staff, volunteers and scientist of the marine park at work. Interesting? Check the volunteer programme for more information on how to get involved with the Statia Conservation Project.