We liked Bali from the moment we arrived: Already on the way from the airport to Radha Homestay we noticed happily how traditional styles are beautifully combined with natural, symbolic and day-to-day elements in a unique way not only within the many temples but basically everywhere: from houses to hotels, supermarkets, and car parks. Sanur itself, even though highly touristic and definitely not the place we’d like to spend an entire holiday, has all these little statues, house temples, small offerings everywhere, including the narrow sidewalks, and an abundance of flowers, colours and smells.

Coming home

Finally back in Asia! Before we had an exploration period in the West we worked in Blue Planet Andamans on Long Island in India. Bali feels like a little bit of India in Indonesia. It’s loud, smelly, dirty and crowded on the one hand, but people are happy, proud, kind, and spiritual on the other. And additionally, there is nature in its tropical beauty and abundance. Bali touches the heart, soul and all senses, just as Long Island and India did too.

Long Island, Andamans, India

Watch Yoeri’s newest video clip to get an idea. In addition to the two clips introducing you to the underwater world of the Middle Andamans he is showing life on land:

Long Island, Andaman Islands, Indian ocean
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Voriges 1 von 1 Nächstes


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