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Full of love and devotion: Videos, photos, blogging and more

We - Yoeri & Nicki - want to share our love and devotion for the ocean, diving and the weird wonderful world we are living in: Videos, photos, and blogs (English % German) to open hearts, touch minds, connect and inspire transformation. More on our vision and work here.


Discover our blue planet


Dive into wonderland: It is what you make of it.

Recent blog posts

  • Postcard Warm regards from Devocean Pictures: Multicoloured sunrise with silhouettes and quote of Victor Hugo: You are no longer where you were, but you are everywhere we are.

    A day to remember

    Death isn’t an excepted conversation starter. In fact, even after experiencing a loss it wasn’t easy to talk about it or – even worse – to show feelings it causes – at

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  • Beach on Galapagos Islands with sea lions and iguanas overlooking the sea and the blue sky

    Wie ich zum Tauchen kam

    Weil ich immer wieder vom Fliegen träumte, beschloss ich irgendwann Tauchen zu lernen. Es war das Gefühl meiner Träume, das ich aus diesen in meine reale Welt holen wollte, es wirklich erleben:

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  • Photographing Art by nature: Underwater marco shot of two Christmas Tree Worms right behind each other sticking out of a hard coral (brown and white before black background)

    Art by nature with warm regards

    Happy news! Finally, there is another page under photography online: Art by nature features mainly underwater pictures, but not exclusively. New photo gallery Beauty lies in the details. I love

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Photo of Nicki (Nicola Jaeger) taken in April 2019 in the Netherlands


Writer, photographer, geographer, diver, chief editor, activist
Photo of Nicki (Nicola Jaeger) taken in April 2019 in the Netherlands


Videographer, traveller, instructor, editor, diver, captain

Our mission & philosophy

  • dive and document: Open your eyes.
  • evolve and educate: Knowledge is our power.
  • guide and guard: Experience and respect nature.
  • live and love: Become yourself.
  • personalise and promote: Find your match.
  • search and share: Change is possible.

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Discover videos, photos & blog entries made with love and devotion, created to share our passion for the ocean and the whole wide wonderful world around us to inspire us and others to connect and protect.