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Full of love and devotion: Videos, photos, blogging and more

We - Yoeri & Nicki - want to share our love and devotion for the ocean, diving and the weird wonderful world we are living in: Videos, photos and two blogs (ENG & GER) to open hearts, touch minds, connect and inspire transformation. More on our vision and work here.


Discover our blue planet


It is what you make of it.

Recent blog posts

  • Underwater close-up of an encrusting sponge: Orange with veins and opening (pore) in the centre. Prepared as postcard "Ich fühle" and logo of Devocean Pictures.
    27. September 2020

    Unter Schutz stellen

    Auch wenn uns in Wakatobi nach Komodo die geliebten Mantas fehlten und Haie zu seltenen Gästen wurden, denken wir weiterhin voller Liebe und Dankbarkeit an die Vielfalt und das Leben an den Riffen. Korallenriffe sind komplexe Ökosysteme, die wir nicht nur

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  • Underwater close-up of collonial tunicate. Red and white with little speckles / pores and two pronounced openings. Tiny brittle star living within. Prepared as postcard "Ich bin" and logo of Devocean Pictures.
    10. September 2020

    Momentaufnahmen an Land und unter Wasser

    Zu Beginn war ich skeptisch, ob ich überhaupt eine Kamera haben wollte. Momentaufnahmen an Land waren schön und gut, aber unter Wasser erschien mir die Kamera, durchaus eine Belastung zu sein. Das Tauchen an sich war so aufregend, es gab so viel zu lernen

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  • Hummingbird bobtail squid (Euprymna berryi), also known as Berry's bobtail squids is half buried in the dark sand of Lembeh, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Shiny body in blue and green metallic with black spots with yellow to golden around the visible left eye.
    31. August 2020

    Squids: Upside down and fast backwards

    Squids can swim upside down and fast backwards to get away from it all. These cephalopods range from pygmy squids of 10-16 millimetres to giant squids of more than 10 meters. As a member of the „Savvy softies: Octopus, cuttlefish and squid“ they

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  • 16. August 2020

    Heimkehr: Rück- und Ausblicke über den Maskenrand

    Es ist jedes Mal schön nach Europa zurückzukommen, insbesondere wenn wir schon wissen, wohin es im weiteren Verlauf des Jahres gehen wird. Diese Heimkehr hat einen bitteren Beigeschmack, wird mit einem großen Schuss Ungewissheit serviert. Einerseits bleibt

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  • Yard of Blue Planet Andamans in India shwoing their white walls build in with glass and plastic bottle. To the left is the kitchen, in the back the entrance and to the right restaurant area with kitchen staff working. Left bottom is a small cat sitting, one donkey looks for food around the gate and another watches the Indian lady.
    3. August 2020

    Rubbish wave: Looking for solutions for small islands

    We experienced a flood of waste being washed into the ocean in Bali earlier this year. At the same time, we received a call for help from Long Island (Andaman Islands, India) and started looking for solutions for small islands crushed by a rubbish wave.

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Photo of Nicki (Nicola Jaeger) taken in April 2019 in the Netherlands


Writer, photographer, geographer, diver, chief editor, activist, hippie
Photo of Nicki (Nicola Jaeger) taken in April 2019 in the Netherlands


Videographer, traveller, diver, instructor, editor, captain, nature lover

Our mission & philosophy

  • dive and document: Open your eyes.
  • evolve and educate: Change is possible.
  • guide and guard: Experience and respect nature.
  • live and love: Become your true self.
  • search and share: Knowledge is power.
  • connect and protect: Transform the world.

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Discover videos, photos & blog entries made with love and devotion, created to share our passion for the ocean and the whole wide wonderful world around us to inspire us and others to connect and protect.