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Full of love and devotion: Videos, photos, blogging and more

We - Yoeri & Nicki - want to share our love and devotion for the ocean, diving and the weird wonderful world we are living in: Videos, photos and two blogs (ENG & GER) to open hearts, touch minds, connect and inspire transformation. More on our vision and work here.


Discover our blue planet


It is what you make of it.

Recent blog posts

  • View from workspace on bed with open screen showing the YouTube channel of Devocean Pictures through the glass door and garden onto the sea (Amed, Bali, Indonesia). Yoeri's underwater video "Sulawesi Splendour" 2020 is being played.
    22. Januar 2020

    Yoeri’s rage against the machines

    Victory: First underwater video clip of 2020 out now Happy days! Not only are we back in the tropics and found a wonderful little house right on the beach – I am hearing the waves rolling

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  • Underwater macro shot of Goniobranchus geometricus (black and white with little blue-grey and yellow tips of rhinophores and gills) lifting its head while sitting on a solitary tunicate in orange, purple and white.
    19. Januar 2020

    The picture that made it into the final

    From grief blurring my vision and how photo competitions helped me to tap into energy and creativity again. Where it all began In September 2018 I got a whole new camera system in Singapore,

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  • 17. Januar 2020

    Endlich richtig abtauchen

    Reisen um zu tauchen Im Sommer 2011 gönnte ich mir eine Auszeit von fast sieben Wochen und legte den Tauchkurs zu Beginn meines Aufenthalts auf den Philippinen, so dass ich auf allen Inseln, die ich

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Photo of Nicki (Nicola Jaeger) taken in April 2019 in the Netherlands


Writer, photographer, geographer, diver, chief editor, activist, yogini
Photo of Nicki (Nicola Jaeger) taken in April 2019 in the Netherlands


Videographer, traveller, diver, instructor, editor, captain, nature lover

Our mission & philosophy

  • dive and document: Open your eyes.
  • evolve and educate: Change is possible.
  • guide and guard: Experience and respect nature.
  • live and love: Become your true self.
  • search and share: Knowledge is power.
  • connect and protect: Transform the world.

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Discover videos, photos & blog entries made with love and devotion, created to share our passion for the ocean and the whole wide wonderful world around us to inspire us and others to connect and protect.