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This category brings together all blog entries featuring photos taken on land as well as underwater or a mix of both. Some of them focus more on the stories behind and about (underwater) photography than on the pictures while others are mainly photo galleries. Look through different areas & themes. Enjoy!

Hummingbird bobtail squid (Euprymna berryi), also known as Berry's bobtail squids is half buried in the dark sand of Lembeh, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Shiny body in blue and green metallic with black spots with yellow to golden around the visible left eye.

Squids: Upside down and fast backwards

Squids can swim upside down and fast backwards to get away from it all. These cephalopods range from pygmy squids of 10-16 millimetres to giant squids of more than 10 meters. As a member of the „Savvy softies: Octopus, cuttlefish and squid“ they are highly intelligent invertebrates. Upside down Squid […]

Side portrait of red painted frogfish (Antennarius pictus) itting next to algae - photographed at Lipah Beach (Bunutan, Bali, Indonesia)

Frogfish: The odd one out

Frogfish, a.k.a. anglerfish, are part of the weird and wide group of ambush predators (They got the look). Somehow frogfishes stand out turning them into the all-time favourites of divers and underwater photographers. Some call them ugly, we find them fascinating for many reasons. Frogfish: The odd one out, having brought the […]

Underwater macro shot of Goniobranchus geometricus (black and white with little blue-grey and yellow tips of rhinophores and gills) lifting its head while sitting on a solitary gold-mouth tunicate (Polycarpa aurata) in orange, purple and white.

Entwicklung in Zeit und Raum: Trauern mit Fotografie

Der Tod gehört zum Leben. Wir alle wissen das, schaffen es aber immer wieder, diese Tatsache meisterhaft zu verdrängen, bis es einen Menschen trifft, den wir lieben. Ich fühlte mich anschließend lange verloren in Zeit und Raum, abgetrennt von mir selbst und meiner Entwicklung. Doch das Leben bleibt nicht plötzlich […]

Underwater close-up (crop) of the eye of an devil scorpionfish (Wakatobi, Indonesia) showing how the camouflage continues of this ambush predator continues into the eye.

Let’s talk scientifically! Pictures and classifications of marine life

Over the last weeks, we posted pictures with scientific explanations on classifications of marine life on Instagram and Facebook. As not everybody is (regularly) on social media, I am happily putting it all together in one post now: Let’s talk scientific! Let’s talk scientific! Tiger cowrie When looking only at the […]

The group of volunteers of Trash Hero Amed spreads out along the beach to clean up plastic Nicki with rice bag in hand on the right side. IN the back houses, trees, the sea and a clouded sky.

Keep your plastic and clean up the rest

Plastic is on our minds. Every high tide leaves behind a line of plastic on the beach of Amed. Every heavy rain shower washes half-burned or openly collected rubbish from the settlements and streets into fields and streams, distributed by the wind, animals and more rain, eventually, most of it […]