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Screenshot of "Take a Minnute to Relax": Yellow pygmy goby (Lubricogobius exiguus), a member of the family of Gobiidae. Small bright yellow goby living in a plastic bottle in Lembeh, Indonesia.

Yellow pygmy goby (Lubricogobius exiguus)

The star of this week’s episode of “Take a Minute to Relax” goes by many names, of which „Yellow pygmy goby“ (Lubricogobius exiguus) is just one. Since the name so perfectly describes this creature, I could’ve probably just left that … But see for yourself: Yellow pygmy goby (Lubricogobius exiguus) […]

Screenshot from "Take a Minute to Relax": curious-looking sea creature digging in the sand, named the Moon-headed sidegill slug (Euselenops luniceps). sea slug, a pleurobranchomorph gastropod mollusc in the family Pleurobranchaeidae. This family of sea slugs is known as "side-gilled slugs" since they have their gills hidden on the right side of the body under the mantle (the body edge). The body is light brown or beige with white hairs around the edges and dark brown irregular spots all over the body.

Moon-headed sidegill slug (Euselenops luniceps)

In this minute of relaxation, we’d like to focus your attention on a curious-looking sea creature digging in the sand, named the “Moon-headed sidegill slug” (Euselenops luniceps). We hope you’ll enjoy your minute with this weird and wonderful creature … Watch the dark side of the moon: Euselenops luniceps Euselenops […]

Underwater close-up of an encrusting sponge: Orange with veins and opening (pore) in the centre. Prepared as postcard "Ich fühle" and logo of Devocean Pictures.

Unter Schutz stellen

Auch wenn uns in Wakatobi nach Komodo die geliebten Mantas fehlten und Haie zu seltenen Gästen wurden, denken wir weiterhin voller Liebe und Dankbarkeit an die Vielfalt und das Leben an den Riffen. Korallenriffe sind komplexe Ökosysteme, die wir nicht nur um ihrer selbst Willen unter Schutz stellen sollten. Neben […]


Halimeda ghost pipefish (Solenostomus halimeda)

The guest star in this minute of visual meditation is the Halimeda ghost pipefish (Solenostomus halimeda). Just take a minute to admire its camouflage. Halimeda ghost pipefish (Solenostomus halimeda) The name of this creature is derived from the Greek words soleno, meaning tube-like, and stoma, meaning mouth. Whereas the word […]

Screenshot taken from a video of the series "Take a minute to relax" showing a trumpetfish (Aulostomus chinesis) hanging out in a reddish fan corals with its white polyps out. The fan coral has multiple layers and is sitting on top of a coral bummie. Light blue background. Filmed in Amed, Bali, Indonesia, 2020.

Trumpetfish: Aulostomus chinesis

In this session of our visual meditation series, we’d like to bring the Trumpetfish, in this case, Aulostomus chinesis, to your attention. Their scientific name „Aulostomus“ is derived from the Greek words for flute (aulos), and mouth (stoma). Looking at the creature, one can sort of understanding how they got […]

Hummingbird bobtail squid (Euprymna berryi), also known as Berry's bobtail squids is half buried in the dark sand of Lembeh, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Shiny body in blue and green metallic with black spots with yellow to golden around the visible left eye.

Squids: Upside down and fast backwards

Squids can swim upside down and fast backwards to get away from it all. These cephalopods range from pygmy squids of 10-16 millimetres to giant squids of more than 10 meters. As a member of the „Savvy softies: Octopus, cuttlefish and squid“ they are highly intelligent invertebrates. Upside down Squid […]