Happy news! Finally, there is another page under photography online: Art by nature features mainly underwater pictures, but not exclusively.

New photo gallery: Art by nature

Beauty lies in the details. I love looking for particular combinations and patterns formed by colours, textures, and shapes. Nature is an endless provider of subjects without real subjects, leaving room for imagination as well as interpretation. Nature photography doesn’t have to be realistic for me, enhancing shapes here or highlighting or enhancing colours there.

Everybody sees and experiences the world differently and the final photo is just one of the endless possibilities to take and edit that shot. Some creatures are little artworks in themselves and deserve to be presented in all their glory. Sometimes it’s only a part of them that is presented here. No matter what’s your focus, there is plenty to work with. Dive right into it: Art by nature.

Old photo gallery with fresh content: Warm regards

The collection of postcards under Warm Regards keeps on growing. Statements, quotes, questions and such on pictures from underneath and above the ocean. Also, we have started an Instagram account. Visit devoceanpictures.

Sillhoute of trees with hammock on beach overlooking the sea at sun rise. Text: The paradiese we've lost.

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