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Screenshot of Take a Minute XXXVI: Feather Duster (Tube) Worm (Sabellastarte spectabilis) video series by Yoeri Bulk for Devocean Pictures. The whitish feathery crown of the tube worm is visibale against red reef.

Feather Duster: Sabellastarte spectabilis

In this session of relaxing minutes, we would like to introduce you to a critter that uses a flamboyant feature to mask what many people would deem an otherwise gross appearance. Yes, Sabellastarte spectabilis is, despite its beautiful name, not some fluffy plant or coral in a variation of colours, […]

Als Yoeri den Wachhund klaute und andere Begegnungen zwischen Mensch und Tier: Gecko im gläsernen Lampenschrim. Gecko in a lamp shining through the glass lamp shade with colourful spots

Als Yoeri den Wachhund klaute und andere Begegnungen von Mensch und Tier

Kurz nachdem wir unser Bungalow für die Zeit des Lockdowns in Pemuteran bezogen hatten, wurden wir Zeuge eines überraschenden Beutezugs (Warum auf Bali das Toilettenpapier nicht knapp wird). Gecko gegen Maus. Doch der Appetit war wohl größer als der Magen oder vielleicht das Maul und so haben wir das Opfer […]

Underwater close-up of the arm of a crinoid, also called feather stars (class Crinoidea) in black and orange to yellow. The feathery pinnules on the arms are clearly visible and are used to catch planktonic particles (Wakatobi, Indonesia)..

Photo series: Waves of energy

Picture strip as well as all photographs separately with additional information on the different subjects. Photo series: Waves of energy. The underwater world isn’t only full of strange creatures but offers lots of colours, patterns and shapes which are captivating in themselves. I love ordinary subjects, often overlooked by underwater […]