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Birmese Temple washed onshore at Merk Bay/Andaman Islands on Christmas Day 2013

Bali: Coming home

We liked Bali from the moment we arrived: Already on the way from the airport to Radha Homestay we noticed happily how traditional styles are beautifully combined with natural, symbolic and day-to-day elements in a unique way not only within the many temples but basically everywhere: from houses to hotels, […]

Screenshot from video Clip "Critters of the Visayas" shhowing nudibranch (Nembrotha lineolata) onn a coral with a red seafan in the back.

Critters of the Visayas

The Philippines. Tropical paradise consisting of more than 7000 islands. More importantly, as part of the Coral Triangle, the Philippines offers some great diving. In this video, we’ll introduce you to some of the lesser-known creatures of the sea. The weird and wacky critters that make the oceans such an […]