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Screenshot of Take a Minute XXXVI: Feather Duster (Tube) Worm (Sabellastarte spectabilis) video series by Yoeri Bulk for Devocean Pictures. The whitish feathery crown of the tube worm is visibale against red reef.

Feather Duster: Sabellastarte spectabilis

In this session of relaxing minutes, we would like to introduce you to a critter that uses a flamboyant feature to mask what many people would deem an otherwise gross appearance. Yes, Sabellastarte spectabilis is, despite its beautiful name, not some fluffy plant or coral in a variation of colours, […]

Screenshot from "Take a Minute to Relax": curious-looking sea creature digging in the sand, named the Moon-headed sidegill slug (Euselenops luniceps). sea slug, a pleurobranchomorph gastropod mollusc in the family Pleurobranchaeidae. This family of sea slugs is known as "side-gilled slugs" since they have their gills hidden on the right side of the body under the mantle (the body edge). The body is light brown or beige with white hairs around the edges and dark brown irregular spots all over the body.

Moon-headed sidegill slug (Euselenops luniceps)

In this minute of relaxation, we’d like to focus your attention on a curious-looking sea creature digging in the sand, named the “Moon-headed sidegill slug” (Euselenops luniceps). We hope you’ll enjoy your minute with this weird and wonderful creature … Watch the dark side of the moon: Euselenops luniceps Euselenops […]