Postcards with warm regards: Messages on pictures

I (Nicola) still love to send – and receive – letters and cards and wherever I go I’ll have a look for good old-fashioned postcards. All too often I can’t find a card that shows the beauty I see, suits the humour of the recipient or reflects my feelings and motivation to send that card. So I started to create my own post and greeting cards, using my photos, adding a frame, and usually also text overlay. I do like writing and sharing my interpretation of the world. Of course, the words reveal only one possible interpretation of the picture, together forming a message I want to get out into the world.

Picture postcards Warm regards are dedicated to words on cards in one way or another: Some are statements, others are quotes, some play with words, and others with messages belonging together, some are pure nonsense or just pretty in one way or another. All of these postcards come with warm regards from Devocean Pictures and are made to travel the world.

Gallery of picture postcards: Warm regards

Over the years so many cards I’ve sent out into the world never arrived. A couple of years ago I was very pleased to learn that there are companies allowing you to design your own cards online: Upload your picture, add your text, and then print it and send it on the day you want. Works pretty well. So far I’ve used Urlaubsgruss for sending postcards mainly within Germany, but one to Canada arrived quite quickly. There might be cheaper options out there. The more important question for me is if there is a sustainable alternative available.

Special edition of Christmas cards

Four motives in five languages: The entire gallery of Christmas cards here.