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Where is the European Juicy Media?

European elections are coming up and we’d like to have Juicy Media reminding us of the last parliamentary term as they did for the Australian government: 2019 Election

We discovered Juicy Media just a couple of month ago and it turned directly into our favourite news programme. Keep in mind we spent most of the time hidden away on a small island with fluctuating internet access, so there is even more reasons to appreciate sporadic news delivered to your phone instead of every evening misery.

Apparently Juicy Media started 2009 with rap adds (glad we missed out on that period) and is broadcasting from Australia. An entertaining way to get to learn or be reminded of some political and corporate activities in parts of the world that hardly make the regular evening news – anywhere in the world for that matter. There are also few adds from other governments incorporated for example this one after Trump’s election and one from the European Union regarding the Internet Censorship Bill which has been a little bit postponed, but utlimately passed through the European Parliament in March and the European Council in April.

All clips of “Honest government ad” have been interesting, there are also some from the US government and are labelled „#GenuineSatire”, however there are some certain areas which get us especially agitated: Big business backed by politics for the exploitation on cost of local people and their livelihoods as well as wildlife and nature.

Just subscribe to their youtube channel (and whilst you at it ours please too please) to get your semi-regular doses of juicy governmental disgust.

Alternatively we present you the best off environmental disasters (in the making),. Pick and choose or just get carried away:

Gold and copper mining in West Papua

Oil and gas in Timor Leste

Offshore oil and gas drilling in the Great Australian Bight

Dakota Excess Line (piepline) in USA

Fracking in Australia

Deforestation in Australia

Adani Coal Mine in Australia

Protest against the Adani Coal Mine is organised in the growing movement #stopadani, but also 350 (NGO fighting to end the use of fossil fuels and building a climate movement with chapters worldwide) is running a long-term campaign. Here the latest press release from 350 Australia (3rd May 2019): Adani mine proposal fails again.

To end on a positive note: get involved!

Our side project: The ISDS Files

Summer in Europe… Surprisingly very enjoyable! At least as long as we are visiting friends and families, go on festivals and holidays or simply hang out in Berlin – very suitable place to do so by the way. Unfortunately even in Berlin there are also bills to be paid. As we don’t like to jump into cold (and murky) waters, we kept ourselves busy with some work for our favourite German NGO, PowerShift, and the European trade network: Seattle To Brussels (S2B network).

Writing, networking and lobbying for alternatives in trade, investment and raw materials policies kept Nicki from working further on our website. But Yoeri has put together some wacky weirdness of the Philippines for you, after finishing the three clips for STENAPA, St. Eustatius National Parks. Enjoy these clips and hopefully many more to come on our youtube or vimeo channel.

In case you are not only caring about the underwater world and its beauties, maybe even feel like sticking your nose in some dirty policy business and corporate power play, take a look at our side project: The ISDS Files.

Rote Punkte auf einer Weltkarte zeigen an, über welche ISDS-Fälle in den "The ISDS Files" gesprochen wird.

“ISDS is a mechanism engraved in (bilateral) investment treaties or an investment chapter of trade agreements which allows multinational corporations to sue governments in ad hoc tribunals. It is an extrajudicial system with special privileges and rights just for one class: Foreign investors, giving them more power relatively to citizens and governments. The implications of this system are really dangerous as well as a pretty costly affaire for governments and ultimately tax payers. All sorts of public policies are under attack around the world as our little selection of ISDS files is showing. And this is merely the tip of the iceberg.”