Goniobranchus kuniei - nudi branch (diving in Lembeh, Indonesia) - Devocean Pictures

Diving holiday for professional divers: Muck diving instead of coral reefs

We dived seven days in Lembeh (North-East Sulawesi, Indonesia) in January 2019. It is not the environment where we would like to spend a long period of time (later more), but we definitely wanted to see Lembeh. Is it really the „Critter capital of the world“?

We saw quite some stuff, though for certain creatures apparently, a different time of year works out better. I didn’t take pictures of all the critters we saw. First and foremost I wanted to see different marine life, ideally, be blown away to nature’s curiosities. Secondly, I considered giving Yoeri the chance to film (editing will begin in May 2019) more important than me taking pictures. Though within some days he convinced me I should take pictures first if possible. So if circumstances and mood were good, I practiced my macro photography. Every day was part of a learning curve and in the end, I created some pictures I’m happy to share. Most importantly though, I got in the flow and I had a great time underwater with my camera. Sometimes it is so hard to not only fixate on a great result but also enjoy the moment and appreciate nature that is right there in front of you when diving with a camera.

Let’s begin with my „King of critters“.