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Inselleben Jahrelang habe ich nun auf kleinen Inseln gelebt, je abgelegener umso besser, viel Natur, möglichst wenig Menschen, oft kaum Internet, aus der Welt, sich selbst genug und im Moment sein. Die Besuche in Europa waren immer zu kurz, voll mit Treffen und Unternehmungen, oft gingen Begrüßungen direkt in Abschiede […]

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Two and a half years of absence are coming to an end today. The main reason for not being active on our website anymore was simply our internet connection. In general there wasn’t a lot to catch on a remote island in Wakatobi (Indonesia) and secondly, we are regimented to […]

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Where are you going?

As a traveller, you better get used to being asked where you are from, as this question comes up early in conversations no matter where you are going in the world. Nevertheless, I was surprised to hear the Indonesian version “dari mana?” constantly when walking down the roads of Labuan […]

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Silver sea as background

Update on seabed mining

In our first blog entry last year „Journey into the unknown“ we discussed how little is actually known on the impacts of the „first deep-sea mining Solwara 1, which aims to mine the Bismark seabed for high-grade copper and gold, in Papua New Guinea by Nautilus Minerals, a Canadian company“. […]

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