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Silver sea as background

Update on seabed mining

In our first blog entry last year „Journey into the unknown“ we discussed how little is actually known on the impacts of the „first deep-sea mining Solwara 1, which aims to mine the Bismark seabed for high-grade copper and gold, in Papua New Guinea by Nautilus Minerals, a Canadian company“. […]

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Postcard Warm regards from Devocean Pictures: Devocean Pictures wishes a Happy New Year with water spray creating its own artistic pattern.

Selamat tahun baru!

Happy ending and off to a good start. Nevertheless, we don’t know where 2016 is taking us. Therefore we keep our eyes open and follow our hearts: „Whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there“. Enjoy the soundtrack (Incubus: Drive) and see you hopefully somewhere at some point in this year.

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Bali: Coming home

We liked Bali from the moment we arrived: Already on the way from the airport to Radha Homestay we noticed happily how traditional styles are beautifully combined with natural, symbolic and day-to-day elements in a unique way not only within the many temples but basically everywhere: from houses to hotels, […]

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The reefs of the Visayas

We are getting itchy feed. The last projects in Europe have to be finished this month, but all we can think about is diving! Thanks to Yoeri we have new clips to fuel our wish. “The reefs of the Visayas I and II” are perfectly complementing “Critters” and give a […]

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